Fugitive Rage
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Fugitive Rage (1996)

"Innocence is a liability, vengeance is the only currency."
    In the heart-pounding action thriller "Fugitive Rage" (1996), Director Fred Olen Ray takes audiences on a gripping journey through a world of crime, betrayal, and redemption. The story revolves around Tara McCormick, a fierce and resilient woman whose life takes a dramatic turn when she is wrongfully accused of attempting to murder the notorious drug lord, Tommy Stompanato. Falsely convicted, Tara finds herself behind bars, facing an uncertain future. Within the confines of the prison walls, Tara forms an unlikely bond with Josie, a street-smart and compassionate fellow inmate. Their friendship becomes a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness that surrounds them. However, destiny has more in store for Tara when she catches the attention of a mysterious government agent. The enigmatic agent offers Tara a lifeline—a chance at freedom in exchange for a daunting task. The stakes are high, and the mission involves finishing the job she was accused of, but this time, for the government. Torn between regaining her liberty and the moral implications of her decision, Tara must navigate a treacherous path where every step is fraught with danger. As the action intensifies, Tara's skills are put to the test, and she finds herself facing formidable adversaries on both sides of the law. The suspense builds, and loyalties are challenged as the line between right and wrong blurs. In a world where deception and double-crosses reign, Tara must rely on her resourcefulness and resilience to survive. Penned by the talented duo of writers, Sean O'Bannon and Dani Michaeli, "Fugitive Rage" weaves a captivating narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Emotions run high as the story unfolds, exploring themes of justice, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of truth. With masterful direction, powerful performances, and thrilling action sequences, "Fugitive Rage" delves into the complexity of human nature. It showcases the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity and the enduring bond between friends, even in the darkest of circumstances. As the climax approaches, secrets are unearthed, and alliances are tested. The movie hurtles towards a pulse-pounding finale that leaves audiences breathless. "Fugitive Rage" is an electrifying cinematic experience that lingers long after the credits roll, resonating with viewers and leaving them pondering the thin line that separates the hunted from the hunter.
  • Tags: crime, action, prison, murders, danger, friendship, deception, dilemmas, vengeance, justice, morality, loyalty, alliances, secrets
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Fugitive Rage

About movie :

In this intense action thriller, a woman named Tara McCormick finds herself wrongfully imprisoned for the attempted murder of a notorious drug lord, Tommy Stompanato. Inside the prison, she forms an unexpected friendship with Josie and is presented with a life-altering proposition by a government agent—an opportunity to gain her freedom in exchange for a dangerous task. As she grapples with her decision, Tara is thrust into a world of deception, danger, and moral dilemmas.

IMDB Rating : 3,6/10 | Votes : 354

Other alternative titles: Japanese: 逃亡者の怒り (1996) Korean: 도망자의 분노 (1996) German: Auf der Flucht vor dem Zorn (1996) Italian: Rabbia Fuggitiva (1996) Spanish: Ira Fugitiva (1996) French: Rage Fugitive (1996) Greek: Φυγόντας Οργή (1996)
Production: Roxie / Rosie Ruby Production, Third Millennium, Multicom Entertainment Group, A-Pix Entertainment, Ardustry Home Entertainment, Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc.

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